How A Pandemic Builds A Business

The world is sending you some spare time, let's use it!

Now is the right time to start placing some focus on building the internal systems of your business. These include the way that your business will work, how it will work, and fool proofing the internal systems that transfer interest into action.

A pandemic will build a resilient business... if you allow it.

Start using this time to work on your business, especially since working ‘in’ your business may be physically, mentally and emotionally limited.

Here’s how to use your time to build a resilient business, and how to use it well;

1. Work on creating a consistent approach to written words and documents.

Start by creating and developing the tone of voice your business. This needs to connect with your target audience and purposefully promote your business values.

Then, dive deeper.

Does this tone align with your email replies? If not, alter the replies to suit.

Does this tone align with your social posting? If not, alter your social posting to suit.

Does the tone align with your terms and conditions and privacy policy? If not, you know what to do.

2. Work on fool-proofing manageable systems.

What do your internal processes look like? Are you just winging it? Let's change that.

A fool-proof system makes for an incredibly strong foundation. One that doesn't shift when work gets busy, and one that doesn't fall when times are tough.

Look at the way your internal processes are structured, create a process manual (this is a great resource to have if looking to seek investors in the future), and be sure that once your processes are being utilised they are the things that automatically place you ahead of your direct competitors.

3. Work on engaging people and building trust online.

Do the small things to get the larger results. This means aligning your tone of voice with your comments online.

Encourage people.

Support people.

Motivate people.

Comment on posts, share positive ideas, follow accounts that benefit you and push you. Start engaging in a positive way, and use this as the first step when gaining trust with your target audience.

It is a lot like smiling at a stranger.

These are cost-free, effective and important processes that create the foundation of a resilient business.

Use your time!

And, if you need some help or want to bounce ideas, let’s chat.

We also have our free PDF resource that is 50-pages long and provides some pearls of wisdom when establishing written content during these uncertain times.

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