The Passion, People and Purpose of Business.





A 6am start. A 2am finish.


He is engulfed in the ferociousness and exhilaration that is business.


Too difficult to avoid, and too late to escape, business will eat you up and suck you dry if you let it.


Don’t let it.


It’s tricky. It’s objective. It’s eventful, life changing and time consuming.


The roller coaster ride of emotion that is business cannot be substituted by any other experience. You have to be ‘IN’ it to completely appreciate the hours, the time, the stress, the happiness- the passion.


There will always be business, whether it is something that grows with technology or whether the practice of face-to-face trade makes a surprising come back.


But what does it take? What does it take to write your story the way that you want it written?




One thing’s for certain; he who loves what he does, succeeds. But, is this the bottom line? Is passion all that you need?


It’s one thing to say ‘ Yes, I am going to quit my stable, full-time job to pursue my dream of becoming (insert dream occupation here)’. It’s another to actually do it. So surely, there’s more to success than just passion. There’d have to be more to take into account than the fact that you love something.


Passion may not be the sole cause of a successful, prosperous and profitable business professional. But, it sure does count for a hell of a lot. You know why? Because the hours aren’t long; they’re short. Because time isn’t slow; it’s fast.


Everything seems to fall into place if you have the passion… not because you want it to, but because you need it to.


Waking up in the morning is not a chore, as you are determined to change the world with everything you know about the things that you love.





You can’t have the passion without the people.


We’re all human. Accepting the good and the bad, experiencing the highs and the lows. We all feel. We all care. Human emotion is a powerful thing when it is partnered with business. When you mix this with passion, it’s a combination that is hardly disputed.


So, what does this mean?


It means; network. Collaborate. Guest blog. Ask questions. Write emails. Write thank you emails. Write thank you emails to people who inspire you- even if you have never met them!


Risk it for people. It’s a risk worth taking; and one that will benefit you both personally and professionally no matter the outcome.


Any type of communication between people can lead to strengthening relationships, and business opportunities. Make the most of the resources you already have. You are human; your clients are human; your target audience is… you guessed it… human! It’s literally staring you in the face.


– People. The best investment you can make for your professional development.




What’s a little passion, and a few good people, without a decent purpose? Nothing!


The hard part is determining your purpose, and why you’re doing what you’re doing. Yes, you love it. Yes, you know some AMAZING people. But, why are you living your life this way? Why are you doing what you’re doing?


Purpose is extremely personal, with no right or wrong. It must be acknowledged and understood because it is a motivational booster that can lead to your next big opportunity.


To truly understand your purpose is to truly understand your self, and that’s bloody hard. So, if you are struggling to find and define your purpose… that’s completely ok. Maybe your passion, and your people can lead you to that very destination?



Passion, people and purpose- it is a formidable combination. But, as a business professional it is the only way to write your own story, your own way.


*Natalie Scanlon is the Founding Director of Written Communications, and the creator of the  International Guest Blog Series concept.


You can contact Natalie via the  following;







LinkedIn: @NatalieScanlon


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