How much is a good sentence worth?

May 9, 2016


If you’re like me, and are a complete word nerd, the cost of a sentence when talking business is priceless.


However, if your business and trading isn’t focused or structured around writing and communication, the value of a sentence may seem a lot less.


Here’s the problem;


Every word you speak, and every word you write, is building your business and building your brand. Now, I’m not a qualified marketer but, I have seen first-hand the importance of ensuring that your words say what you mean, and not what you THINK they mean.


I’m a big advocate for getting shit done. This is the type of attitude and voice that dictates my writing- both professionally and personally.


Your business is built on documents that need to be seen, and sent, to stakeholders. Internal stakeholders, external stakeholders, clients, customers, business partners, neighbours and councils will- at some point- be on the receiving end of your correspondence. What you write will impact how these people view your business, and ultimately how they view you. It isn’t worth letting one word send the ‘important people’ into a land of misunderstanding.


I’m so judgemental when it comes to writing it isn’t funny. Hey, it’s a flaw and I need to work on this. But, let’s get real. If you are investing your time, money and entire being into a business that you know is going to not only be profitable but also fulfil your life’s purpose- why aren’t you investing your time into getting shit done the right way, and having your documents fool-proof and flawless?


It’s too common to have correspondence missing the mark. It isn’t good enough. There’s no excuse; unless it isn’t your priority to grow and develop your business.

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