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Let’s face it, starting a business is tough. Between figuring out tax breaks, finding a domain name and deciding on exactly which social media platform you’ll spend the rest of your life on - you can’t even imagine fitting in workouts, can you?


The thing is, you can’t afford not to. I won’t melt your brain with boring statistics but let’s just say that a little bit of fitness goes a long way in boosting your business, your income and your energy levels.


Here’s my five fitness hacks for busy business owners:



1) Do what you love


There’s no point making yourself do spin class if you hate cycling, just because you saw on IG it was the ‘best exercise to lose weight.’ If you don’t enjoy it, you won’t stick to it. Find something that makes you feel good, and do that. Time restraints could make it tricky to attend a pump class, but once you find an overlap between what you enjoy and what you can fit in your schedule - you’ll be far more motivated to do said exercise. If you love pump but can’t make the timetable, do a 20 min strength based workout at home instead. If yoga is your jam but just can’t fit in an hour class, search YouTube for ’10 min yoga routine.’ 




2) Habits vs. results



I use this little trick with many of my busy clients and it works every time. Rather than focusing on the result - say losing 5kg, focus on the habit. Put your energy into creating healthy habits. You might aim to do 10 squats while brushing your teeth or to take the stairs instead of the lift before lunch every day. These small habits, done consistently, will eventually create the results you’re looking for. What’s more is they’ll give you an immediate energy spike which will boost your mental performance, helping your business run like clockwork.





3) Schedule it


Just like you use Plann to schedule your IG posts, you also need to plan your workouts. Or they just won’t happen. As a business owner myself, I’m inept at doing anything that isn't written down. You make appointments for your doctor, your hairdresser and your kids, right? Do the same thing for your fitness. Write down the day and time you plan to workout. Then set your alarm to go off 10 minutes before that time, so you’re prepared and ready to rock it. A small yet incredibly powerful tip. 




4) Keep it short


Really, who has time for hour long workouts? 60 entire minutes on the treadmill? Unless you’re giving me back to back Orange is the New Black, it’s a hard no from me. You’re a business owner which means you’re probably short on time, but you still want to look and feel healthy, fit and energetic. Short and efficient workouts are what you need. Check out my go to workout for when I’m short on time:





5) Listen to the experts


I’m an expert in two things - 


  1. Helping stressed out women squeeze bits of fitness into their life 

  2. Eating cheese


Richard Branson is probably an expert in neither of these, but it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about running a successful business. So when it comes to business and exercise, he’s worth listening to. Check out what he had to say about combining the two.



“Make time for yourself. Exercise does not deplete my energy. Instead, it gives me energy and makes me feel like a young kid again. I make time for physical activity, preferably a fun group exercise. Having fun with others makes exercise feel less like a burden and more social.”


                                               - Sir Richard Branson, co-founder Virgin.





                      Who would have thought Sir Richard Branson would look so pretty sporting a pair of                                     giant butterfly wings?




 If the guy running a global billion dollar company can find time to exercise, so can you. 



Starting a fitness routine isn’t easy, and neither is starting a business. If you prioritise self care and take a few minutes out each day to better your health, your business, your body and your bank account will thank you for it. 



If you’d like to get started on a fitness program but don’t know how, head over to my website  to download a free copy of my 4 Week Workout Guide. 



As a special offer to readers of Written Communications, Fit With Sally is offering four weeks of training for free when you purchase any one of her 12 Weeks to Strong Programs.


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** Sally is driven to challenge the current fitness notions that dominate our image focused society. She inspires women to reclaim their self confidence with no-bullshit fitness advice, real world nutrition tips and a healthy dose of positivity. 


Sally has lived abroad for the past six and a half years and currently lives in Austria with her husband and several house plants (despite not having a green thumb). She loves traveling, eating cheese and hiking.


To connect with Sally, email her at


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Instagram: @fitwithsally

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