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As much as you like writing- at times you will come across what people call 'writer’s block'.


 Ideas suddenly stop coming, you can't get the  words out of your head, and you seem to lose all motivation.


Sometimes, you have spent hours writing up a piece, but the visuals just don’t look right. If this sounds familiar to you, know that you are not alone. Creating great content is never easy, but thankfully, there are tools that make the process a tad bit easier. Check out below for 7 useful tools to help create great content.


Ideas generation tools: when you have a writer’s block


1. Pearltrees


Pearltrees is not exactly an idea generation tool per se, but it’s helpful to revisit your inspirations when you are against the wall. The tool allows you to save articles on the web. You can also highlight and share a section of the article on Facebook and Twitter as you read.  You can organise articles in different categories, search for various topics and connect with people on Pearltrees. Install the extension on your browser and you won’t have to worry about losing your favourite articles again. The next time you need some tips or inspirations, head to your own Pearltrees account and rekindle your creativity.


2. Buzzsumo


It’s always good to learn from the best practices. Buzzsumo gives you an idea of trending articles, what is being shared in your industry. Simply search for a keyword, you will be able to know the top shared content of that keyword, where it’s shared and more. If you don’t have a specific topic in mind, Buzzsumo also gathers popular articles around the web to give you an idea of what is hot. The paid version allows you to see who’s linking back to the article, influencers and more. From this, you will be able to figure out what people are interested in and come up with relevant content.


3. Portent Content Idea Generator

As Portent describe it, some ideas are funny; some are shocking, and all are helpful. You only need to type in a keyword of your choice, and the tool will automatically generate an article title for you. If you don’t like it, just hit enter and you will get another one. While you will come across strange ideas that may not be practical, these surprising suggestions are a good way to get your creative juice.


Writing process: when you are stuck on words


4. Thesaurus


A Thesaurus is a writers’ best friend. Often, we find ourselves looking for alternative words to avoid repetition. At these times,  The Oxford Thesaurus and Thesaurus.com will be your saviour.


5. Grammarly


No matter how good your writing is, it is very difficult to get an error-free first draft. That is why proof-reading is always an important step of the writing process. The Grammarly application has just made this part a lot easier. You can copy the whole text into the application; it automatically scans for errors and suggests corrections. There are also browser extensions to scan your texts in real time. Do note that Grammarly does not work when you are writing on Google Document, but you can always copy the texts over for proof-reading.


Visualisation: when you want to illustrate the content.


6. Canva


You don’t have to be a designer to be able to have beautiful photos. On Canva, you will find various pre-made templates, icons, free photos and fonts to create an eye-catching visual. If you are looking for ideas, you can also check out their paid designs for inspirations. You can download your creations as png, jpeg or pdf file.


7. Pixabay


If you need royalty-free stock photos, check out Pixabay. There are over 900,000 photos for you to download, free of charge. You only need to create an account and search for the photos you want. You can also find vector graphics and videos on this website. Attribution is not required but will be appreciated.


These tools will make the content creation process easier. However, nothing can replace the understanding of your readers, thorough research into your subjects and a writer’s meticulousness.


After all, as Duff Goldman said, “It’s not the wand, it’s the wizard.”


The article is written by Khanh Tran from Villa-Bali.com.


*Khanh Tran is the  Marketing Communication Executive at Villa-Bali.com, a startup company located in Singapore that specialises in the vacation rental market.


Villa-Bali.com currently have more than 1,000 villas in Bali, Sri Lanka, Phuket, Samui and Mauritius. 


You can contact Khanh by visiting: www.villa-bali.com


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