How Do I Choose The Right Digital Marketing Strategy?

June 25, 2017



There are several tactics you can use in digital marketing to attract leads and sales, they are all worthy and valid, but not necessarily ideal for your business. So, which is best for you? Check out the following 5 statements and see which shoe fits best!


I need sales NOW! 


If you need to start driving leads immediately you would be best to trial Google AdWords. It taps into potential customers who are looking for your product or service. If people are typing into Google “Mechanic in [Suburb]” then you can get your name in front of them, at the top of the page immediately. A secondary option would be to try Facebook PPC using a direct call to action such as “Call Now” or “Buy Today!”.  Google will target people already looking for you using keywords that they type, Facebook will target people based on their geographic location, their demographics and their interests. 


I want to slowly grow my sales over the next 1 – 3 years! 


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may be the best fit for you. It will grow your websites traffic over the longer term and deliver you a strong return on investment. You can’t be in a hurry with SEO as it isn’t a quick fix. The tactics involved with SEO will be to look at the content on your website and ensure it is well written and helpful to people, set up your Google My Business account and make sure you link it to your website, fix any technical issues your website might have using the Google Search Console and then to write helpful articles on other people’s website pointing them back to you.


I want to grow my brand and build an audience 


Facebook is great for building an audience. You can grow your number of followers and then promote ongoing products and services to them, you can grow your email database as well and then send them email promotions. If your business is even remotely social, then Facebook is a great place. Even if you are a B2B you can still make it work. With over 15 million users in Australia it’s hard to ignore the world’s biggest social network.


I have a large (1,000+) database of customers 


Existing customers are much easier to market to than new customers. If you have a database of email addresses you should utilise email marketing to sell them extra products and services and get further referrals. Just write some catchy content, include an offer and a call to action and send it out. You can email people monthly, fortnightly or weekly, whichever is best for your business. 


I want it all!!! 


We have clients who want to do it all. It’s not uncommon to start with one strategy then add another after 3-6 months, then another and another. It’s important that each method be tested and proven before moving on to the next. 


So, which of the above profiles fits you best? Whichever you choose make sure that you are communicating a clear and compelling message and doing so with the best practices technology!


**James Parnwell is an Online Marketing Consultant, Google Adword Expert, On Page SEO Expert and Facebook Marketing Specialist. James also is highly skilled at Marketing Messaging where he will assist your business get your Marketing Messaging correct, then implement the technology to transport that message around the world.Having completed his degree in Marketing 1996 he has since launched and run several businesses.


His primary passion is helping Small to Medium Business grow their business using online platforms and seeing Return On Investment for all money spent in the area of AdWords, Facebook and SEO. Online Marketing became his primary focus in 2009. The uniqueness of his fascination with Online Marketing compared with traditional marketing is the ability for transparency and data gathering. Online Marketing methods allow you to track how a campaign has performed and ultimately relate the dollars invested with the dollars returned.


He grows his consulting business by showing his clients proven results. The inevitable result is that they talk about their successes and he gets new clients from friends and family of existing clients.His business is built around relationships. Relationships with Google and Facebook as well as relationships with clients and staff. He is a Google Badged Partner and also has strong connections with Facebook. This enables him to deliver Best Practice to his clients.




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