Five Ways To Increase Engagement On Your Facebook Business Page



 In recent months, getting engagement on business Facebook pages has got much more difficult.


It’s easy to understand why: there is so much content on Facebook now that your posts can’t possibly reach all of your page followers. It’s estimated that only 10% of your page followers will see one of your posts.


In addition, Facebook’s updated algorithms favour showing pages whose posts have a good level of engagement.


So how can you do this? There are many ways in which to increase your engagement on your Facebook page, but here are five to start you off…



1) Post when your followers are online


If you look at the “Insights” section on your Facebook business page, you can see at what times your followers are most likely to be online.







Times can vary according to your target market (for example if you wanted mothers to see your post, many are online around the time of the school run while they’re waiting for their children to come out), but generally speaking most Facebook users are very active first thing in the morning, around lunchtime and after dinner.


Make sure you’re posting when your followers are online to see the post.



2) Include a “call to action”


If you want your audience to do something, you need to tell them to do it!


Try to include a call to action on as many of your posts as possible - whether it’s asking your audience to comment, share the post or click the link to that article on your website. Asking questions is also a great way to get a response from people:



3) Give people a laugh!

For the most part, you want your Facebook business page to produce posts which are informative, promote your business and add value to your customers.


However, it doesn’t need to be all “serious” - sharing funny posts is a great way to get engagement on your page, because who doesn’t love a giggle? It could be a cartoon related to your line of work….






…. or just something that made you laugh!





However, don’t get caught in the trap of posting more funny material than solid content - your page engagement will be great but your sales won’t be.



4) Respond to all comments


Make sure that you “like” every comment, and where possible respond with a comment of your own. Not only does this literally increase levels of engagement on your page therefore make it more likely to be seen in people’s news feeds; it builds a relationship with people who might be your future customers (or indeed retains a relationship with existing ones!)



5) Use Facebook Live


Yes, it’s can seem scary, but the more you do it, the easier it will become!

Facebook Live is one of the social media platform’s most recent offerings. It’s worth doing because:

  • Followers can get an idea of the person behind the brand and feel more of a connection with you

  • People LOVE videos and are more likely to engage with posts featuring them than any other type of content

  • Facebook’s algorithms favour pages which use Facebook Live, so you’ll be more likely to appear in people’s news feeds.






Give these suggestions a shot on your own Facebook business page - I’d love to hear back if they helped you increase engagement!


* Zoë Arpin of Teapot Communications specialises in helping small business navigate the world of marketing. She has a particular focus on copywriting, content creation and social media management.



If marketing's not your cup of tea, Zoë would love to help you!

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October 19, 2019

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