Content Creation Insights that will Have you Four Steps Ahead in 2020




There’s something happening over in social media land. 


It’s changing. 


We’re at that middle point of uncertainty. 


The moment just after people have discovered that they can make money through promotion and collaboration, and just before quality content instantaneously transforms into predominately paid advertising. 


And the value… it’s gone. See ya’ later alligator. 


But, the power of authenticity and social communication through online platforms isn’t lost. It’s there and still very much available for the positive benefits of business, without giving your audience a reason to swiftly press the ‘unfollow’ button because you’ve linked a heartfelt story to a paid commercial campaign. (Insert emoji of lady holding hand on face in SHAME).


Anyone can look busy on Instagram, anyone can make the move to begin a business or online account to attract consumers. We’re now at the point where we need to start deciphering the best content creation methods to capture an audience, engage with authenticity, and generate an ROI that is enough to warrant the inclusion of content creation into your business marketing budget.  


We’ve got the answers. 


Here’s three content creation insights that you can start using NOW to have you four steps ahead in 2020.


Let’s go!



Text me later, yeah?


I heard the idea of text marketing through Ryan Leslie’s Superphone App, and had to investigate further. Initially, I thought of the spam texts that I received leading up to the election. They drove me nuts. But, you know what… I opened them, and read them all.


Yep! That’s a 100% open rate. I open my texts 100% of the time. (Whether I respond is a different story). 


So, let’s start building text marketing lists so that we can communicate directly with our consumers like we would a friend. A possible weekly text to members sent by gyms with a motivational quote can encourage a sense of community, belonging and maintain interest. It’s all about using the right words on a platform that has a high-open rate. 


You can’t get much higher than text. No need to spam. Just encourage conversation. 

I’m calling it now. Text messaging, welcome it into your content strategy. 



Ask the Question


If you’ve taken a quiz online, you’re onto something. 


When you take a quiz, even if it’s a quiz about what type of cheese you are, you are inputting specific data about yourself. And, this data is being captured by the quiz creator to potentially target you with something that may create a sparkle in your eye, and encourage you to take your card out of your wallet.


It could be cheese, it could be wine, it could be anything. 


If text messaging is the answer to 2020s content creation woes, quiz software is the car that drives us there. It is an extremely thoughtful, insightful and deliberate method to generate leads, create trusting relationships, and encourage conversation. 


I used it myself and found a triple in leads within days. Start thinking about your audience type, segment them, and then use your words to create a quiz that appeals to all segments. You’ll do it once, and reap positive benefits for months to come.



If you ain’t blogging, you ain’t summin’ summin’


Blogging, or vlogging, is the seed that lets the tree grow.


It provides direct value to your audience, and allows for copious amounts of social content to be created and derived from one post. 


If you align your blogging and written content to your business goals and values, you will have a strong foundation that creates authentic social media quotes, captions and stories… automatically!


Start blogging. NOW.



Social media is so simple, easy and accessible; anyone and everyone is jumping on board. Now is the time to start really thinking about how you utilise the platforms that have taken the world by storm. 


Partner the best words, with the best content methods and find yourself four steps ahead before 2020 begins. 


You’re welcome. 


* Get your free content planning checklist HERE and find out which content methods best suit your business. 

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