5 Ways To Tell Your Company Story





When you’re in the early stages of establishing a business, building a network and identifying your point of difference, it ‘s often easy to lose track of exactly how you should introduce yourself, and your business, to the world.


Here’s five ways to use writing to tell your company’s story, build a relationship with your audience, and potentially increase profit;



1. Once Upon A Time


The art of story telling is powerful. It is one of the most powerful ways that you can connect with your audience.


Tell the story of your life. How did you get here? Why are you here? What moments shaped you?


Draw from your life experiences so that those that you are communicating with feel a sense of a relief knowing that the people behind the business and the brand are just like them.


Colloquial language is a great way to tell a story, so don’t be too professional and definitely avoid words like ‘thus’, ‘hence’, and ‘where art thou?’



2. Give Us A Giggle


Bring a little personality to the table. People enjoy being part of a conversation. If they can associate with your brand, your message, or your story you are likely to gain their love and support.


Tell some jokes, add some sass, bring some attitude.

This is where the use of sayings, alliteration and strong descriptive words work wonders.


A little bit of personality in a company’s story goes a long way when establishing relationships with potential clients, partners and collaborators.



3. Honesty Is The Best Policy


There are too many businesses doing too many things.


Don’t be one of them. Stick to who you are, and everything that you represent.


Be honest with your purpose and your mission so that anyone who interacts with you can share your goals, contribute to success and become an integral part of the journey.


Don’t over think it. Just write from the heart…and then edit x40.



4. Short and Sweet


The only person who will want to read your four-page company story is your mum, and that’s because she has to.


Be as succinct and concise as possible to maintain the attention of your readers. The placement of short, sharp sentences amongst longer paragraphs is also a great way to grab hold of the attention span and stretch it as far as the eye can see.



5. Platform A to Platform B


When you tell your story, shout it loud and proud. Leverage social media to tie your personality, honesty and story together. This can be through the use of images and witty captions on Instagram, or professional articles on LinkedIn.


Choose the medium that works best for your brand, and adapt the style of writing depending on where the information is published.



Whatever your story- stand strong, be sure, and know that your words make all the difference.




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