Marketing Avatars- Why the Fuss?





Ideal client profiles, target audience personas or marketing avatars – (regardless of what you call them), are well worth putting some time into developing.




Picture a large, crowded room full of strangers from all walks of life. 


You’re in the centre of it. 


And you’re on stage. 


You have no mic, and in fact you’re spinning in circles yelling information about your product/brand/specials/personal life and rambling off some cool quotes and pointing at a cat video playing on a screen hanging on the wall while you’re at it. 


Get the picture?


It’s quite ridiculous, but it’s what most of us are doing on social media on a fairly regular basis. You think you’re talking to a large group, but you’re really talking to no-one, because no-one is actually listening. Meanwhile you keep yelling. Your voice gets hoarse. You wind up exhausted.


What’s the problem with this picture? It’s impossible to be everything to everyone. 

A handful of folks might have listened to your pitch, and one person might approach you at some point for more information. But this spray and pray approach will ultimately leave you feeling exhausted and unsatisfied. 


You need to know who you’re talking to. 


And your potential customers need to be in the right place to receive your message. 


Why avatars are the bee’s knees


Once you’ve decided who you feel your product or service is best suited to, and who you’d like to work with or gear your business to, things begin to fall in to place. You will be able to invite the right people into your space and provide them with useful information they want to hear. It might take time to get your avatar right, but it’s worth taking this approach and learning from your attempts. 


Suddenly your person is everywhere


Have you noticed that when you buy a new car, are planning a wedding, or are researching a trip to a special destination overseas you suddenly start noticing your vehicle type, ads for wedding venues or references to your travel destination everywhere? I’m not talking about online ads because you’ve been googling everything and tracked by cookies. No, I mean in the real world. 

It happens when you become attune to something.


Having an avatar is a bit like this. 


With a firm target audience person in mind, you start seeing the world through their eyes and see them and what they’d like everywhere. You know who you’re talking to and can focus on meeting their interests and needs with your business. 



About the Author:


Natalie Hillar is a Communications Consultant, and the Founder of Amped Up Marketing & Communications. 


She specialises in helping service-based SMEs better reach their target market(s) with smart strategies designed for business success.



You can find Natalie at:

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