How You Can Beat the JuddChella Hangover



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Written with a glitter pen by Natalie Scanlon, sealed with a spray of JLo Glow.




If you’re as hooked on the life of Bec Judd and her army of powerful women as I am, you will currently be suffering from a severe, severe (so severe it requires to be written twice) #JuddChella hangover. 


I’m going to trademark it the Juddch-over, and it’s brutal. 


It’s the type of hangover that makes you want to spend all your money on the perfect family of cacti, only to realise you can’t even afford a ‘snow-sprayed’ Christmas tree at Kmart. 


The type of hangover that makes you want to go out and buy colourful hair extensions and roll in glitter until you shine like a sweaty nan on Boxing Day.


This Juddch-over is one like I’ve never experienced before. And, I wasn’t even at the damn thing. 


So for those who have played along at home and, like me, wished that they were draped in colour and dancing to a saxophone playing musician while drinking cocktails and waking up in Jaggad gear…. Here’s how you can beat the JuddChella Hangover.



1. Colour your hair with the temporary hair dye from Woolworths


You know the hair dye that we used when we were 15 and got suspended from school because coloured hair was frowned upon?!


THAT hair dye. You weren’t a rebel; you were a visionary. Use that same hair dye to colour your hair, and feel a part of the JuddChella phenomenon. Green? Blue? Pink? All three? You do what you need to do to become the JuddChella unicorn that you know that you are. 



2. Get the kid’s craft glitter from Kmart


This is my second Kmart reference, and it’s for good reason. In the kid’s craft section, there are small tubes of glitter. There’s around 20 tubs for $4. Pour them all into a bowl, and then pour the bowl over your head. 


I used them for a Boho themed hens party once, and not a piece of glitter left to take home on the Sunday. 


This is your disco ball moment. Welcome to paradise. Welcome to your own ‘Chella. 



3. Subscribe to Spotify, and find a playlist that sounds like tequila in France.


Look, it isn’t live… but it can be personalised and if you subscribe for the free three months and then cancel before you have to pay, you can skip the songs that you don’t want to listen to. 


I even like to find songs that are in a language other than English, just so I can be transported to another world. 


The ‘Chella world that I know Bec and her female superhero sidekicks visit when they attend such events. 



4. Delete your socials


It’s come to the point now where if you’re as obsessed as I am about the JuddChella phenomenon and are seriously hurting from the social hangover it has pushed into your life, it’s a problem. 


Delete your socials, change your name, and start a new life.


It’s for the best. 


God speed. 



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October 19, 2019

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