How to Repurpose Your Content For Quick Wins


Creating great content that reaches your intended audience is a tactic every business should be doing. However, what some content creators are missing is the fact you can use what you already have to gain traffic, build an audience and drive conversions. While coming up with new ideas, topics and content is important, a lot of businesses forget about a major quick win - why not repurpose what you already have?


Not only does this save time, it’s a great way to provide trackable results that will show your value to your client! So how do we do this? By using various ​SEO​ and content marketing strategies.


Repurpose Existing Blogs for Outreach

A successful outreach campaign can bring your business great coverage and increase brand awareness - if you find the right topic. For companies with blogs, there’s a good chance they’ll have a blog with some content that’s newsworthy. Using Twitter and Google trends, have a look at what’s going on in the news and see if there’s a blog that you can repurpose. Once you have your content, create a media list of local, national and trade publications you’d like to target and get it out there!


Use Google Analytics & Search Console to Boost Pages

Increasing your rankings on Google will get you more traffic - after all page one is where everybody wants to be. So, you’ve got great content but others are outranking you. Why? Use tools such as Google Analytics and Search Console to find URLs and keywords ranking position three or lower to find out what content you can boost. Next, have a look at your ranking competitors and build on what your doing. Look at the H1s, H2s, call to actions, interlinking, keywords, as well as length of content. Rewrite and then track!


Target Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets are black magic - even if you don’t know them by their name, everyone knows what a featured snippet is. The content is pulled from a source, credited with a link and placed in position zero is elusive, and super important . With 32% of all clicks on page going to featured snippets, it’s a coveted spot to have. Using search console, take a look at keywords and queries that are ranking between one and five, and repurpose content to target featured snippets. Rewrite your blogs and gain those featured snippets.


Utilise Your Newsletter

Sending out emails to your subscriber list is a great way to shift content to an audience that is already interested in what you have to say. So if they’re already interested, they want to see more and they’re more than likely to purchase something from you.


Using Google Analytics


Find out your most popular content on site and direct them to it - you could do a monthly round-up of your top blogs. Perhaps you’ve got a new product they might be interested in, rewrite it into a blog and include it in your correspondence. Track these and turn them into a goal for great


Content continues to be your key element for driving traffic to your site so keep your site fresh with something new, even if it’s something old. Every business is searching for something new to get that quick win but by using these tactics, you can turn what you already have into something profitable.



About the  Expert:

Lee Savery is a Content Executive for SEO and PPC Agency Ricemedia, based in Birmingham, where he supports businesses with their content marketing.


Lee is a huge gaming nerd, loves Doctor Who far too much, and can usually be found at any Comic-Con event.


You can find Ricemedia at:


You can also find Lee on Twitter: @Leegend90.




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