How to Tell Your Story



Storytelling isn't new. But YOUR story is.





Quite often, it’s the words of the world that change the way we work. 


The words that unknowingly lift people up, as they navigate their way through the discourses and triumphs of everyday events. 


Just recently, I was invited by the Victorian Governor to attend the 40thVictorian Export Awards. It was a phenomenal event, that showcased the best of Victoria’s Exporters, ranging from pharmaceutical companies to farmers. 


However, amongst the successes and celebrations of the night, it was a sentence that was muttered amongst the intense feelings of determination and self-satisfaction that engulfed a room of entrepreneurs. A sentence that truly captured the minds of those who were determined to break borders, and cross seas. 


A sentence that simply said;


‘Share your story’.


Share your story. 

You know the one. 


The one that got you to this point. The sequence of events that lead you to this moment, and taught you how to take on the world when the going-got-tough. 


The same story that drives you, and fuels your purpose as you lead into tomorrow with a determined mind and your heart on your sleeve. THAT story. 


And while the room muttered and indulged in their own successes, it became strikingly apparent that it’s not always easy to ‘share your story’.In fact, it can be bloody hard. 


The power of storytelling is something that is recognised and spoken of, but not so deeply understood. To get a better idea of how impactful storytelling is, I highly (highly) recommend listening to any story told by former Melbourne and Richmond Football Club CEO, Cameron Schwab, to witness the intense power of storytelling. (I call Cam the King of Storytelling because that is truly what he is).


So, I decided to do some deeper thinking to identify three ways that you can begin understanding and sharing your story, while igniting a movement that not only motivates others, but is used as therapy to your own mind, body and soul. 



1. Grab a Pen



Yes. It may seem so simple. It may seem obvious. But it isn’t.

Don’t type your story into your phone. Sit down. Grab a pen, a fresh notebook, a warm drink (or vodka), and write down the moments that define YOU.


The ones you remember. The ones that make you cringe. The happy moments that make you laugh, and reminisce. 


There’s no structure to this type of writing. You can cover a page in dot points, or you can write a chapter. It’s up to you how you note the moments that have defined and impacted you. 


It’s your story; it’s your rules. 


But, when it comes to starting your story, a BIC and a beer will do just fine. 



2. Understand your Moments


Why have those moments found a place on your page? 


I think the process of ‘sharing your story’ is a method of deeper understanding. 

A deeper understanding of self. As well as, acceptance of the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ that have transported you to the now. 


There’s a reason why certain moments and memories stand out in your mind. Good or bad. Take the time to review your brainstormed moments, and understand how they have helped you get to where you are right now.


How have they helped shape your values, your insights, opinions and being? 


It’s a comprehensive process of deep understanding, that can be both rewarding and intimidating at the same time. 


Understand your moments, they are the story starters. 



3. Arrangement and Application


Your story holds a purpose. This purpose varies over time, and across social groups. You may tell your story to motivate others, or you may be telling your story to invent ideas. 


You may be telling your story to make a profit, or you may be telling your story to intensely sell a product or service. No matter the ‘why’, it is this purpose that is going to help you identify the ‘how’.


Once you understand WHY you’re telling your story, you will be in a better position to know exactly HOW it needs to be told. Does it need to be written in a book? Spoken on a stage? Does it need to be shared in a small group, or in a room with one other who requires your words to take on tomorrow? 


Find your why, understand your how, and collate your moments.


THIS is how you begin to tell your story. 


Share your story, the world is waiting for you. 



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