International Copywriting Agency, Written Communications, announces its role as host of the 2019 International Guest Blog Series.

June 5, 2019

It’s like a full University degree in one month… written by experienced business professionals… and it’s free. 






If you’ve been waiting for the moment to jump into the waters of entrepreneurship or business, this is that moment. 


International Copywriting Agency, Written Communications, is launching their annual International Guest Blog Series for the month of July, and it is accessible from any couch in the world- at no cost.


Think an entire 3-year Bachelor of Business rolled into 31 days of pure, authentic, life-experience content. The kind of advice you don’t read about in the books.


The type of content that gets you jumping Tom Cruise on Oprah style, and ready to move mountains with your business ideas and goals. 


The International Guest Blog series was first held in 2017, and gained international attention from publications such as the Daily Mail, Femail, The Age, and The Sydney Morning Herald. 


Founder of Written Communications, Natalie Scanlon, says that it’s all about giving people a voice;


‘ The 2019 International Guest Blog Series brings unprecedented value to any person in the world who is wanting to build their business. It gives current entrepreneurs, executives and business owners an opportunity to share their advice and stories, while allowing others in the world to learn from their words and put their own ideas into action.


It’s starting a conversation across borders, boundaries and seas. Money and status hold no value here.  


Everyone deserves to be heard, everyone deserves a chance to take on the world… and for me, there’s no better way to do this than through words.’



The Written Communications International Guest Blog Series will begin on 1 July 2019, with business professionals from all over the world contributing one blog per day. Blogs will be published on the Written Communications website, and shared on all Written Communications social platforms and subscriber lists.  This is the business advice that will move mountains, grow economies, and encourage stronger international relationships. 


All from your couch. This is YOURS for the taking. 


For more information and Media enquiries contact:

Natalie Scanlon

+61 425 827 398

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