Life and Learning: Finding Purpose With Lisa Messenger


As far as entrepreneurs go, you can’t go past the vibrantly talented Lisa Messenger.


As the CEO of Collective Hub, her honest advice, acceptance of life and dedication to helping others find their life purpose is something that is truly remarkable.


Her use of words brings beauty and grace to a commitment to helping others achieve the best life that they can. It is something that is as difficult as it is rewarding, but Lisa has managed to make it work. And make it work well.


There’s so much to learn from such an honestly hard-working entrepreneur like Lisa. Her vulnerability is engulfed by a passion for words, and her story is as relatable as they come. 


Screen shot, save, and bookmark this page. You're about to be inspired. 

I am completely inspired by who you are, your brand, and your positive message. Where did your journey begin? 


I am a big believer that when I look back chronologically absolutely nothing makes sense as far as my career and brand go.  However it’s the sum of all the individual parts that bring it all together.  Every job. Every life lesson. Every hardship.  Every little bit of it. In isolation it makes no sense whatsoever – but together it is completely serendipitous. Every moment brought me exactly to my purpose.


Your online presence is both professionally strong and genuinely approachable, tell me more about who you are, and what you stand for.


It’s simple – I am an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs living my life out  loud showing that anything is possible. Every single day I check in with who I am becoming and I continue to educate myself to garner more wisdom and love to help make me the best version of me. I believe in having fun.  Living with dignity and grace. Being unafraid and being unapologetically you. I don’t always get it right but I wear my heart on my sleeve and hopefully am relatable and attainable. What you see is what you get.





What projects are you currently working on? Are there any future events we should keep an eye out for? 


One of our biggest most exciting projects for 2018 is our digital master classes which can be found at There is a special offer for the fist one to do it for FREE… it’s a six part series by yours truly on how to Pitch to the Media.



Success and failure, both hold important lessons. Tell us more about your successes, failures and the things that drive/inspire you.


Well firstly I fail every single day. Multiple times. I just fail fast.  Failures have become my friend. With social media and instant real time feedback, you can throw ideas out there every day and quickly knock them on the head if your community doesn’t respond. Don’t be afraid to change, morph, pivot all the time. Business (and life) move fast these days.



Your brand is extremely appealing, and is complemented by your ideas, creative talents and positive words. How do you keep up with the demand of maintaining such a great brand?


Thank you.  I am just me. Nothing more. Nothing less.


What is a moment that changed your life forever?


Giving up drinking 13 years ago. I was using it as a crutch to self-sabotage.  After that everything just started to flow. I don’t suggest you give up drinking but do be courageous enough to look at what might be holding you back. We all have our “stuff”  but in the end its only a story. Don’t be defined by it.





What’s your favourite quote?


Anything’s possible.



You use your words wisely. How do you believe words impact business?


Words and story are everything.  A product is a product.  But your story is what people fall in love with.


How do you use words to get your message out to your audience/followers/fans?


I have an absolute LOVE of words.  I write across every medium I can every single day.  I journal every day.  I put two books out a year. I write on my social media channels, in the print mag and on – I see inspiration everywhere and it’s my greatest joy to put my twist on it and share.


If you could choose three words that showcase you/your brand to the world, what would they be?


Igniting human potential



What Words of Wisdom do you have for inspiring business professionals who want to succeed, while doing something that they love?


Learn what you are great at and what you are terrible at. Hire your weaknesses.  Surround yourself with incredible people. Fail fast.  Be unafraid. Think big.  We are all equal and we can all do anything if we hold the vision.



* Lisa Messenger is the CEO of Collective Hub, an author and an extremely inspirational business person. Find out more about Lisa, her work, masterclasses and Collective Hub Community by visiting

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