How to Encourage your Employees to be your Brand Ambassadors on LinkedIn


As a platform that has doubled in the last 10 years, LinkedIn is the largest global b2b social network and for many years, professionals only used it to plan their next career move. Today, professionals are flocking to it to successfully enhance their personal branding and use it for prospecting, recruiting and staying on top of industry news.


LinkedIn is also a powerful marketing tool for organisations, as with over 260 million active users, it provides fantastic visibility when users share their employer’s brand stories. This far outweighs any organic reach of a company page and is the only platform where you can still get significant brand reach without advertising. All you need to do is find authentic ways that your employees can talk about the work your company does on their persona feeds. So here’s how to do it…


Give your brand a story


Whether you are talking about a product innovation or showcasing your company as a great place to work, you first need to get your brand story straight. By defining a brand tone of voice and creating a clear content plan, it becomes easy for your employees to recognize the topics, the values and the language that you use and they will soon feel comfortable sharing them.

Likewise, make sure that you create stories and content that they would be proud to share. Whether that’s showcasing an innovative product launch, an inspiring charity event or a celebration story about an exceptional employee, make sure that your content is something worth sharing.


Create a cascade plan


To make the most of LinkedIn you need to get your employees to share the important stories that you create. LinkedIn can facilitate this with an add-on called Elevatethat you can subscribe to, but you can also do it yourself with a simple cascade plan via email. 


Simply create an email list of all your employees that use LinkedIn and as part of your weekly internal comms, let them know what the top company story is that week and ask them if they would be willing to share it. It is this amplification that will help you reach new customers and audiences.


Encourage employees to share their work stories


Social media posts with people’s faces always work best, whether that’s through video or photo and it is recommended that you encourage your employees to share their work stories whenever they have one to tell. 


Their only hesitation may be around what kinds of content to share, so you could ensure that you outline any do’s and don’ts at team meetings and lead by example by ensuring that your company page offers plenty of ideas. 

It’s also important to remind your colleagues that they are posting to their personal LinkedIn profile so when they share any milestones, projects they’ve worked on or events they’re attending, they should remember that this is an opportunity for them to showcase their expertise and professionalism too.


You will find that as soon as people know what they are allowed to post, they will happily comment and share their own work stories, so just be around to support them if they have any questions.


These are just a few simple ways you can use LinkedIn to share your company message via your employees and with an easy-to-follow briefing and a bit of guidance, your employees are sure to be your secret weapon for reaching new audiences.


About the Author:


Jo Crellin is Head of Digital at Midlands communications agency spottydog communications in Birmingham. With nearly 20 years’ experience in both agency and in-house digital marketing roles,  Jo has worked with global brands spanning fine arts and office interiors through to pet products, pubs and restaurants. Her favourite topics are digital strategy, social media, seo and demystifying the latest digital marketing trends and issues.

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