Mastering your Money Mindset

You will be cruising along having a fabulous day/month/year/life and something will happen in your external world that triggers you…and immediately everything you had been feeling has vanished and been replaced by extreme negative thoughts and even more extreme negative reactions!!


Sound familiar?


Let me take you back to the Titanic story (for those of you who haven’t watched Leo and Kate for a while!) - the apparently invincible and amazingly luxurious passenger liner– the iceberg that was innocently jutting out of the water - and the massive expanse that was lying just below the water that no one could see or comprehend the damage it would cause…


This is exactly how we operate as human beings – we think we are completely in control on a conscious level, but in fact this is just the tip of the iceberg (5%). It is our subconscious that is lurking just beneath the surface that is completely running the show.


The following steps are your Mastery Map for negotiating how to quieten that constant internal negative chatter, especially at 3 in the morning, and replace it with positive thoughts and language and the ability to Master Your Money Mindset…and anything else in your life that might need sorting out!


My suggestion is to buy yourself a beautiful Journal and start writing this all down – because once you open the floodgates it will be amazing what will come up from the depths of your subconscious.


Step One - Open up the space to get real about your money


The best map in the world is no good if you don’t know where you are.

To be able to have freedom and choice around when, what and where you spend your money you first need to understand what makes up your Money Pot.

You need to have clarity, awareness and efficiency around knowing your numbers.

Money loves clarity…and clarity is power!


Part Two – Understanding your Money Story


Our beliefs are formed by the age of seven when we are in Theta brain wave mode where we take everything in like a sponge with absolutely no filter.

These are the set of rules or guidelines we have told our subconscious that we want to live by, so it will do everything in its power to keep them safe.

As we get older our beliefs are reinforced with every experience and interaction we have and are further ingrained as our core beliefs.

Now the problem is some of these are not serving us and may not even be true.

It is our job to identify any negative/limiting beliefs and blocks you might have around money and challenge the outdated ones that don’t serve you anymore or weren’t even true in the first place!


Part Three – Get in touch with your Heart’s Desires


 Once you are feeling empowered and in control of your money and understand the connection your childhood memories have on your current relationship with money, you are in the position to THINK BIG!  You have created this beautiful and powerful space that you are now able to fill with what your heart desires.

These are your non-negotiables,not just what you want – it must be stronger than that - tap into what is an absolute must for you in your life, your aspirations!

It is vitally important to ensure you create the space and time to be able to look at this. It is not something you can just squeeze in between everything else that is going on in your life.

Get crystal clear and into flow and make sure your language is in the present tense and positive!


Part Four – Are you repelling money without even knowing it?


Money is simply a form of energy. It is not good or bad, positive or negative, it is simply a means of exchange - like camels and goats in the past.

It is the meaning and the emotion we attach to it that gives it the power –amplifies it. 

How we have been conditioned by society and our stories both have a huge impact on us.  For example, think about movies you watched when you were growing up where the wealthy person in a position of power was always the villain.

We are all an energy force, as is money and everything around us and we vibrate on a certain frequency level sending out energy waves to the atmosphere.

So our negative thoughts (negative energy waves) repel money. If your belief system is that you will never have enough money, that becomes your reality because you are giving out or vibrating energy that repels money.

Alternatively, if you think there is more than enough to go around and money flows easily to you, you will draw in the vibrational energy and attract money to you.


Our thoughts create the reality around us and can have a ripple effect so what you put out there is definitely what you get back!


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