The Easiest Tricks in PR that Beginners Don’t Know







Taking the first step into PR for your business can be daunting, but did you know that there are simple tricks that can get you started without spending money on a PR agency?


Here is my top 6 PR tactics that everyone is using whether they are a big brand, a PR marketer or a first timer.

Plus they are really easy!


Content Strategy: A content strategy is a plan of how you will develop content for sharing. With a plan you can ensure that you allocate regular time for producing this content, with ideas already planned out. It’s easy to find yourself putting off writing new content to a week that never comes. A plan stops this.


Once you have that content it gives you an easy source to contact journalists with story ideas, promote products or ideas, write blogs, engage with your audience and have content to share on social media


Social Media: Why not check the #journorequest for PR opportunities? This # is put out by journalists, bloggers and brand PR when looking for information, sources and products. As an expert you may find that you can be featured in national media because a journalist is already writing about your area. Reply to the request and you can be looking at being featured in some big places in a matter of days. Quick, easy and the work is done for you!


Have Opportunities Sent to Your Inbox: There are a few websites you can sign up to journalist requests, that you can email and put yourself forward. Some of the sources are paid sites so start with Sourcebottle or Help a Reporter Out to see how you go as they offer a free service. You will receive a list of requests for each day so just scroll through and simply email any that might suit your business


Existing Initiatives: Does your business do something unique or interesting that you can already tag on to for some free publicity. Our company My Favourite Voucher Codes, donates 20% of its profits to charity every month. We promote 3 charities each month in a poll with the winning charity gaining the donation. We not only promote this on our social media, but we encourage our charities to do the same. We even send them a press pack of information to encourage them to promote in their local media.


Local Media: We all want to feature in the national press but don’t under estimate your local press. Try contacting your local newspapers and radio stations to tell them your story about your business. Local press are always looking for content and stories to publish. Janet Murray offers some great advice on how to pitch to your local newspaper. The National newspapers also keep an eye on local media, so you never know who might see your story.


Bloggers: Engaging with bloggers that are related to your business could develop a relationship in which they write about you and share with their audience. They also like freebies so maybe choosing a few and sending out some of your products could leave you with reviews and a new customer long term. Don’t send to many freebies and ensure they will endorse you, but bloggers are looking for content just like the press.


When all is said and done at some point you are going to have to send that scary email with your pitch, but today you can start with the easy stuff and find a simple starting strategy.





Tegan Groombridge is the Marketing Manager

for My Favourite Voucher Codes, a voucher code website that donates 20% of its profits to charity every month. She lives with her husband Colin, dog Milo and cat Chui. She is a keen runner and rugby player which she likes to follow with a good pint of West Country Cider or a G&T.




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October 19, 2019

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