Re-writing Business; You're Wasting Your Time.





If what you’re waiting for is a breakthrough moment where your social media content has brought you millions of dollars in profit, you’re seriously kidding yourself. 


Why? Because it’s more than social media content that is going to earn you the big bucks, and as a business owner you need to be all over this. If you’re not, you’re wasting your time, and your hard earned dollars.


One Instagram caption, blog article, or Facebook engagement statistic is not enough to get you where you want to be. Yes, it will introduce your audience to your brand, but now that they’re here… what are you giving them?


It’s time to start re-writing the rules of online business communication, and making the most of a clouded server that has seen more fake tans than valuable content.



It’s More Than 140 Characters


Your social media manager, content producer or copywriter need to be producing the thumb-stopping content that not only gets a double-tap, but strategically breaks through the noise using a far larger and, far more complicated campaign.


It is NOT enough to be told that the blog content is SEO rich and favours Google searches. It is NOT enough to be told that the 140-character limit has included the best words for the image provided.


So, if you’re only hearing terms like ‘SEO rich’, ‘Number one on Google’ and ‘Influencer’; get a new copywriter.


Why? Because your message will be lost amongst the millions of others as you focus mostly on the amount of likes that you receive, rather than the right word for your intent. You need to start thinking about delivering your message at the right time, matching this with the appropriate context, and then bringing it home with the best words.


This is exactly why written content is so much more than any 140-character limit.




Relevant to the Moment


At this moment, 77% of mobile searches are conducted in a home that has access to a PC.


So, while you sit here looking for the best way to promote your business using online content, remember that although your Instagram caption may be banging, it is going to be how your audience receive the message that really brings home the bacon.


What does this mean? It means you need to be utilising the plethora of devices that have access to your content and consider the interoperability of your online message. Your audience may scroll using a mobile device, order your product using a PC, and then check updates off-site on a tablet.


Do the words used in your caption consider this? Does your online message, blog, or newsletter transfer your customer’s online interest to your offline program, project, or exhibit?


In this moment, there is so much more to consider than the wording of a caption, or the filter of an image. In this moment, it is about making the most of your online and offline promise, and bringing the two together to make the most of your business opportunities. 


It’s time to start re-writing business rules so that you are engaging an audience using a strategy that reaches beyond an online sphere. This is where written content is heading, and this is where you need to be.


*Natalie Scanlon has used the study of journalism and law to revolutionise the written word. Working with innovative business professionals worldwide, Natalie has created a culture of forward thinking, creativity and encouragement while injecting a sense of sass into the usually grey corporate sector.


Email Natalie directly.


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