Why Reputation Management is just as Critical as Public Relations





What is online reputation management and how does it relate to public relations?


People say that public relationsplay a pivotal role in creating or saving a company's reputation, but what exactly is itsrole in reputation management, and how are these two connected?


In this article, we’ll be explaining how these twoare different yet overlapping at the same time, and how both strategies complement each other.


The relationship between Public Relations and Online Reputation Management


The reality is that organizations and PR professionals are no longer in control. Social media has given consumers a voice, which cannot be ignored. What your audience says about you defines your brand.


With over three billion people currently using social media networks. News, especially negative ones, can spread like wildfire. Hence, companies must be prepared to ensure that damaging content towards their brand is handled as quickly and efficiently as possible.



Graph displaying the total number of social media users worldwide. (Source: Statista)


Reputation management is the practice of shaping the public perception of an entity or organization. The objective is to gain or maintain positive sentiment towards your company or brand.


With majority of our customers and prospective buyers spending most of their time online, organizations had to develop online reputation management (ORM) system. We’ve all seen how one negative comment or tweet about your product or service can lead to a potential disaster, damaging a company’s reputation. Hence, reputation management has become a critical aspect of public relations. 


Online reputation management starts by monitoring what’s being said about your product or service online. It includes monitoring your customers interactions with your brand, the stories the media is publishing about your company as well as listening to conversations about your industry and your competitors.


As Warren Buffet said, “it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” All it takes is a negative social media post, image or video to lose that hard-earned trust, and reputation management is the process of being always prepared to stop that from happening. At the end of the day, we wall want for our customers to only findthe best content or information about our brandonline.


No organization whether small or big can survive in this highly competitive interconnected digital world if their reputation is compromised. This is why every organization is invested in public relations. An effective PR strategy helps an organization to create a positive image, which helps you strengthen your relationship with your customers, investors, and stakeholders.      




Online reputation management is an important tool of public relations, and itcertainly is a function of PR. It typically entails working behind the scenes in ensuring crisis prevention as part of your overall public relations initiative of managing how the public perceives your company. As digital adoption continues to rise, the relevance of both public relations and online reputation management have been more pronounced.  


If a crisis hits your company today, how prepared are you? Make sure you are prepared! See how an international airline company managed to turn a social media crisis to a PR success. Or simply download these free crisis management templates.


Check out this online reputation management guide or download our free crisis management templates.



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