Three Reasons Why The Written Word Is Re-Inventing The Webinar




The method of deciphering ‘useful’ from ‘useless’ content is becoming harder and harder with every scroll, click and link.


Making an impact is almost non-existent during a time where online platforms are becoming enticingly busier to the competitive, business-minded individual that is almost welcomingly lost amongst digital traffic.


Every day we’re bombarded with links, blogs, podcasts, webinars and emails that slowly dissolve our ability to create a point-of-difference. Established corporate entities are becoming no more, or less, appealing than social-media start-ups.


Let’s make the most of it!


It’s time to shout out ‘hey’ amongst the virtual masses, and start distinguishing our selves, our products, and our purpose.


‘How?’ I hear you question collectively, with both sarcasm and intrigue.


‘When there’s a will, there’s a way’ I SHOUT with an almost Thor-like, encouraging vocal, but with less muscle and just as much beauty…


…and it’s through the insanely capitalising partnership of words and webinars.


The two ‘W’ words that when partnered together completely transforms a webinar or podcast series, re-invents communication strategy, and re-introduces you to your target audience with more than just your standard wave.


Here’s how;


1. Re-introducing who you are to the world


Let’s get real here. You’re building a brand. You’re building awareness. You’re trying to send a message.


One form of communication is not going to cut it. It’s too unilateral, and almost offensively closed-minded. You owe it to your following, hell you owe it to yourself, to adopt more than one communication method to get your message out there.


Saying ‘hi’ through a webinar is great. It will get you from pedestal A, to step-ladder B, but what you really want is to be standing on the 38th floor with a penthouse view and 24-hour butler service.


How do you take the lift to the 38th floor?  By connecting your webinar to an e-book that expressly outlines your ideas and mentally mouths your message through strategic use of words, that’s how.


60% of marketers are already using webinars to get their message across[1], so while individually adopting this method of marketing to publicise your reason for living may be successful, it’s not different. You may get lost. You may never, ever return.


Use your words to back up your video message. Strategically engulf the senses of your audience, and show them who you are and what makes you tick.


2. Re-Inventing communication strategy


The combined use of words and webinars are an expert way to re-invent a mid-strength communication strategy that will begin to add an extra glow to your face when standing amongst the digital masses.


We’re talking about a difference that is more than just knowing that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are proven to be the best days to host a webinar[2], or that the three weeks[3] prior to a webinar launch is the best time for promotion.


We’re talking about planning a message, finding the core purpose of that message and driving it home through the use of words that ignite emotion, allow the audience to feel valued, and gives your audience a key to re-visit your message any time they feel the need.


We’re talking about the re-invention of a communication strategy that won’t be lost, but will forever be kept and used as a resource while driving leads and increasing profits.


And it all starts with accepting that the norm that is the modern-day, basic webinar is no longer strategically or capitally beneficial. The introduction of words can change this, leaving the door always open without having to ever use the key.


3. Re- Shifting accepted structures


So we feel uncomfortable for contemplating bending the social norms, and accepted methodologies of a webinar or podcast. After all, every communication method has a purpose.


Webinars are definitely one of the older tools of the trade, but for a resource that aids in assisting in business profit when the content is 100% educational[4], it’s too hard to ignore that webinars are an old tool that need to be partnered with new tricks.


Partnering webinars and podcasts with strategically created written content is an incredibly powerful way to shift accepted communication structures that currently dictate how webinars and podcasts should be published, edited, and promoted.


Get creative, and shift what’s accepted. Words will become the best way to decipher what the digital masses consider ‘useful’, or ‘useless’.



Use your words, make them limitless, or get Written Communications to do it for you!




* Natalie Scanlon is the  Founder of Written Communications, a content, copy and writing service.










[3] IBID



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October 19, 2019

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