Why The World's Gone Mad For WritComm

March 18, 2018




Where is the thumb-stopping content we’re all yearning for?


In a day and age where entrepreneurial adventures are becoming increasingly popular, the ability to tell your company story is becoming harder and harder.


Social media content is clouded by useless information.


Reading past the first eight words of a blog is proving more difficult than buttoning up a tight pair of jeans on a bad day.


People are calling themselves ‘influencers’ in a bid to gain traction, followers, likes, shares, comments and nudges.  The days of thumb-stopping content and wise words that make us want to roll in a field of daisies have long gone.


Until now.


Cue International Writing Company- Written Communications. Yes, we said International and yes, we said writing.


Apparently, they ‘do words’. And by ‘do’, they mean ‘own’.


They’re the ghost-writers behind some of Australia’s most adventurous blogs, they’ve cracked the Asian market, they work with some of the biggest #bossbabes in Australia and they aren’t short of a bit of sass.


But, what had us hooked was the Founder. A young lass by the name of Nat Scanlon who made our words feel like a first born after their very first bath.


Soft and cuddly, addictive and sacred. 


Nat’s turning boring content into something we’ve never seen before. And we LOVE it!


Driven by a strong passion to change the world, Written Communications does more than just stop your thumb. It brings meaning back to a clouded Internet server that has seen more fake tans than quotation marks.




We’re talkin’ old school English skills with modern values, #bossbabe inspiration, and writing that leaves you smelling chocolate off your screen.


With a cheeky attitude and professional experience to match, Nat Scanlon is bringing a hellova lot of personality to a business that’s gone global.


The world has gone mad for it!


‘We’ve been helping Asian businesses gain drive within the western market so that they can broaden their audience. The online world is truly something else. With the right words, literally anything is possible’ explains Nat.


The versatility of Written Communications is something that makes it an entrepreneur's dream. From menus to blogs, copywriting to songs and everything in between, there’s no doubt you’ve read some of Written Communications’ words.


They'll be your BFFL, wrapping you in their arms just to say; 'It'll all be okay!'




After being asked what to expect from Written Communications in the not-too-distant future, Nat replied;


‘Well, I’d hold onto your hat. There’s a HUGE change coming. Don’t say I didn’t warn you’.


Bring it on Written Communications. Bring. It. On!



*To find out more about Written Communications, visit www.writcomm.com.au



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