Why Your Instagram Strategy Needs To Change In 2019






Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms in the world right now, boasting over 1 billion users across the world and over 400 million daily active users of Instagram Stories alone.


2019 is set to be a flipp’n massive year on Instagram with plenty of new features and new accounts sure to take us all by storm. So, how do you stand out above the noise? 


The first step? Updating your Instagram strategy so that you are focusing on the right things.


Let’s dive right in.



Instagram Strategy for 2019




Commit to posting at least 3-4 pieces of stories content per day. Educate and entertain your audience between Instagram grid posts and use call-to-actions to drive traffic to your blog, product pages and online booking page. If you struggle to remember to post to Instagram Stories, use an Instagram scheduling tool to stay on track.


Don’t forget that your Stories should always on brand! Use the same Instagram Stories font option and colors that match your website and brand design. Add some flair with stickers and don’t shy away from Instagram Stories polls and question stickers, they are fantastic for humanising your brand and increasing engagement.





Peek at your analytics regularly and set goals for your engagement rate, follower count and Instagram-driven sales to make sure Instagram is moving you forward! Use an app like Plann to review your Instagram growth and find out what colours, hashtags and posting times are working best for you.





Respond to new DM’s daily and show your personality! Use GIFS and voice messages to humanise your brand and set up quick replies to make answering common questions a breeze.

Always remember that people are watching! It is so easy for anyone to screenshot a direct message or even an Instagram comment, so always respond to messages in a kind and thoughtful way. 





Just in case you’ve forgotten already, there are a whopping 1 billion people on Instagram now! To stand out above the noise collaborate with complementary accounts to expand your brand awareness and increase the amount of eyeballs on your profile.


A few ways that you can collaborate with others on Instagram are:


  • Instagram Stories Takeovers

  • Instagram Grid Takeovers

  • Collaborative Product Photos (tag each other when posting)

  • Collaborative Instagram Live Video

  • Gift Guide or Instagram Market Night




The whole “Instagram pod” thing can be a bit gross. To truly get the most benefit out of Instagram, find yourself a tribe of like-minded people who share content that lights you up. Turn on post notifications for each other and show up when they post something new to give them some genuine love. 



So, there you have it! For more Instagram marketing strategy pointers check out the Plann blog for weekly doses of inspiration.




About the Author:


Mackayla Paul is an Instagram Marketing Specialist, named one of the Top 50 Instagram Marketing Blogs in the world by Feedspot. These days Mackayla is the marketing manager at multi-award-winning


Instagram scheduling and strategy app, Plann. 



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